Entertainment Lease provides in association with Prolyte Group high-quality asset-based financing programs to dealers, and distributors working in the Entertainment Industry. Manage budgets for your end users for all entertainment projects including: Truss, Rigging, Hoists, Sound Systems, Audio & Video, Lighting, LED-screens and more. For us, leasing is more than just financing your assets. It is all about solutions that create added value and that/to support the growth and ambitions of the Prolyte vendor partners and end users.

Our comprehensive services cover:

  • Vendor Finance/Leasing
  • Commercial Finance/Inventory Finance
  • Trade Finance

Our Vendor Finance program is available in: The Netherlands, Germany, UK/Ireland, Nordic Countries, Belgium, France and Spain. Other countries will follow in the second half of 2018.

Vendor financing/Leasing
Based on our in-depth market knowledge and entertainment expertise, we are able to offer financing options that can be customized for your company sales objectives, processes and distribution channel. Our Vendor Finance solution benefits dealers and distributors as well as end users. Vendor leasing programs make it easier to close sales by offering a monthly payment that enables the buyer to spread the costs of the equipment over time.

Here are some key reasons for using Vendor Leasing:
- Leasing can help you to increase sales and profit margins.
- Lease payments are tax-deductible business expenses.
- Selling a monthly lease payment is easier than selling a total price.
- Small monthly payments for large projects and easy budgeting with a master lease agreement.

Vendor financing program process:
step 1:    Complete the application form.
step 2:    Entertainment Lease replies with a lease offer within 24 hr’s to the Vendor.
step 3:    Complete your offering with a monthly lease rate for the end user.
step 4:    Entertainment Lease confirms credit approval and initiates lease contracts.
step 5:    The lease company pays the Vendor and collects the monthly payment from the end user.

In order to start processing a finance request, we require data and company related information:

Deal Related Data

Company related data

1. Investment amount and deal structure, including service components

1. Full Company information and address details

2. Detailed configuration

2. VAT-number

3. Expected installation date

3. Share holder information and company structure (org chart)

4. Lease Duration

4. Last 2 years Balance Sheets and P&L Statements


5. Management account information last period

Adding value
Financing solutions for dealers, distributors, rental companies and users of materials handling in entertainment equipment. Working with multiple vendors to deliver total solutions to end users. Helping partners move the world forward in ways that are sustainable and more profitable.

Fair Market Value Leasing:
Fair Market Value Leasing is a flexible financing solution. It enables end users to have access anytime to the latest versions of equipment, without the hassle of ownership. They simply pay a fixed amount per month for usage. The end user gets the flexibility of being free to extend, purchase the equipment for a fair market price, return, or upgrade it, at the end of the lease.

What are the benefits to the end users
With a usage-based leasing solution, such as Fair Market Value Lease, end users have the opportunity to use the equipment without having to own it. The leasing solution can include service and maintenance of the equipment as well as upgrade opportunities to the latest technology. At the end of the contract, the end user has the flexibility to decide what to do with the equipment.

What are the benefits to manufacturers and dealers when offering Fair Market Value Leasing to their end users?
By offering end users different choices, during and after the lease period, it strengthens the relationship with them, increasing the likelihood of repeating business while shortening sales cycles. It creates new opportunities for service and maintenance agreements and it stimulates refurbishment, re-use and second life financing of end-of-lease equipment.

How does it work?
Leasing companies retain ownership of the equipment while the end user is offered fixed payments during life of lease. At the end of the lease, the end user has the flexibility to:

  • Extend the lease beyond the original term
  • Purchase the equipment at fair market price
  • Return the equipment
  • Trade-in with new technology before the end of the primary term

Smart, customized and flexible solutions for end-users
With dynamic market trends and changing economic landscapes, end users are demanding more and more flexible, customized and usage-based solutions. In this context Entertainment Lease recognizes the importance to become more and more a (service) solution provider in the entertainment market and to develop products that service the end users in all stages of the equipment life cycle. End users can pay monthly and conserve their working capital with no large down payment in advance.

Commercial Finance
We provide various commercial finance solutions, including asset-based inventory finance programs that provide substantial value to the distribution channel to support our partners’ long-term growth objectives. 

Inventory Financing
Supplier sponsored program that provides a dealer the ability to finance products for a period of time without impacting cash flow. In many cases this period is completely interest-free to the dealer.

Account receivable financing
A self-liquidating line of credit that works in conjunction with an inventory finance credit line. The dealer borrows on their accounts receivables, providing supplemental working capital financing directly to the dealer.

Purchase order program
Allows dealers to win or bid on large transactions by utilizing the financial strength of the end-user as collateral. We provide an inventory finance credit line to the dealer, receives a contractual direct pay arrangement from the end-user and reimburses the dealer any funds not due to the financing company.

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