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Entertainment Lease helps to expand your business and pay monthly without impacting your cashflow. Our leasing solutions are suitable for all companies operating in the entertainment industry.

 Truss, Rigging and Hoists
 Sound Systems
 Audio & Video
 LED-screens and many more

Prolyte customers benefit from preferred rates!

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Fair and flexible lease rates

Only pay for assets at a fair monthly rate. Manage cashflow and budgets, conserve your working capital and expand your business. End-customers have the freedom to choose brands and suppliers, and to finance it all in one Master Lease Agreement. Install, upgrade and refresh needed entertainment assets, all on your own timeline. At Entertainment Lease, you always enjoy fair and flexible lease options to best suit your changing business needs.

Lease options

A. Financial Lease

All leased equipment becomes legally yours, after all monthly payments have been made.

  • Payments during the lease period are fixed
  • VAT is usually payable upfront for the full amount
  • The assets appear on your balance sheet.

B. Operational Lease

Monthly fixed payments are calculated at a reduced amount because of the future value of the assets. You have no residual value risk; the lease company is fully responsible for that. After the period of use you have 3 options:

  1. all equipment can be returned. Just lease new equipment at the latest technology
  2. extend the lease period at reduced rates
  3. buy the used equipment at fair, market value rates.

C. Sale & Lease Back

Have you bought equipment in the last 6 months? Just sell it to the lease company and lease it back. Sale & Lease Back gives you instant cash flow.

D. Cashflow Funding

With a revolving credit facility, you won’t have to pass up on deals, just because you’re short on working capital, so your sales potential won’t be hampered by slow-moving payments. Release working capital from your inventory.

E. Stock Financing

Cashflow financing can be used to fund your operations. Your company can borrow from cashflows you expect to receive in the future by giving the rights to the finance company for a small fee.Download flyer

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